Smaller is better

Beginner guides for astronomy often mention that binoculars are not only a good, cheap way to start, but also that they end up complementing a telescope acquired afterwards nicely. I got the telescope first, but I have to agree.

And since my motorcycle recently became my main mode of transport, the relative lightness and compactness of binoculars also got more value to me.

After a bit of study, I decided to get the Vixen Ascot 8×42 WP. My decision was based on the quality of build, the large field of view, the magnification being a good compromise between detail and image stability, the weight, the overall versatility (they’re waterproof), and of course the price. They’re perfect for stargazing at low light pollution sites, in particular for the brightest nebulae. Although I do plan to eventually bring my whole telescope gear on the bike, in the mean time, they’ve been great to move around and introduce friends and colleagues to the night sky.