22. May 2019 · Comments Off on Smaller is better · Categories: Astronomy

Beginner guides for astronomy often mention that binoculars are not only a good, cheap way to start, but also that they end up complementing a telescope acquired afterwards nicely. I got the telescope first, but I have to agree. And since my motorcycle recently became my main mode of transport, the relative lightness and compactness of binoculars also got more value to me.

After a bit of study, I decided to get the Vixen Ascot 8×42 WP. My decision was based on the quality of build, the large field of view, the magnification being a good compromise between detail and image stability, the weight, the overall versatility (they’re waterproof), and of course the price. They’re perfect for stargazing at low light pollution sites, in particular for the brightest nebulae. Although I do plan to eventually bring my whole telescope gear on the bike, in the mean time, they’ve been great to move around and introduce friends and colleagues to the night sky.

11. February 2019 · Comments Off on X15 – Progress report – 2018Q3-4 · Categories: X15

As a result of personal events, the project has been mostly stalled these last six months. However a few changes were made, the most important being :

  • Interrupt handling rework on x86, with the merging of the trap module into the cpu module.
  • Red zone support on x86 (amd64), which is required for full ABI compliance.
  • Suspend/resume thread operations, similar to SIGSTOP/SIGCONT on Unix.
25. May 2018 · Comments Off on X15 – Progress report – 2018Q1 · Categories: X15

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the progress on X15. As an open source project I work on in my free time, its development pace is unsurprisingly not constant, but despite that, a lot of progress was made since it was seriously restarted in 2017.

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07. April 2018 · Comments Off on Debian on the ASUS C101PA Chromebook · Categories: Computing

As my interest in the ARM architecture is growing, I decided to buy myself a toy to play with, based on one of those big.LITTLE asymmetric multicore 64-bit ARM processors, and see how they perform. I settled on the ASUS C101PA Chromebook after a friend successfully installed a Linux distribution on it.

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04. September 2017 · Comments Off on How bad can an ISP be ? · Categories: Computing

I used to be an OVH DSL user. The service was very good. The only thing that could have been improved was the Technicolor router, which is clearly sub-par compared to the quality normally associated with OVH services, but as long as you stick to the default configuration, it would run fine. More »

05. March 2017 · Comments Off on Hey, real time ! · Categories: Computing, X15

Among the goals of the X15 operating system is real time. This expression is undoubtedly one of the vaguest buzzwords out there in the computer industry, which means I can’t really say anything about it without first attempting to provide a decent definition. More »