30. September 2019 · Comments Off on Shutting down the Buildroot autobuilder · Categories: Computing

I’m moving sceen.net to a smaller machine, and decided to shut down the Buildroot autobuilder that has been running on the server for more than 5 years now. Buildroot is a great project, with great people. I’ve been recommending it for more than a decade now, used it personally and professionally on multiple occasions, and was glad I could contribute that long despite very limited available time.

11. July 2019 · Comments Off on X15 – Progress report – 2019Q1-2 · Categories: X15

The project is still mostly stalled, unfortunately. But a couple of things were achieved :

  • Simon Venken reported a bug on semaphores, which were reworked.
  • Simon Venken also reported a bug concerning the chaining of wake-ups in sleep queues, which was fixed.
  • the kern/mbuf module, providing message ring buffers, was added.
  • the kern/log module was reworked to use a message ring buffer, and a bug on the log buffer being full was fixed.

11. February 2019 · Comments Off on X15 – Progress report – 2018Q3-4 · Categories: X15

As a result of personal events, the project has been mostly stalled these last six months. However a few changes were made, the most important being :

  • Interrupt handling rework on x86, with the merging of the trap module into the cpu module.
  • Red zone support on x86 (amd64), which is required for full ABI compliance.
  • Suspend/resume thread operations, similar to SIGSTOP/SIGCONT on Unix.
25. May 2018 · Comments Off on X15 – Progress report – 2018Q1 · Categories: X15

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the progress on X15. As an open source project I work on in my free time, its development pace is unsurprisingly not constant, but despite that, a lot of progress was made since it was seriously restarted in 2017.

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07. April 2018 · Comments Off on Debian on the ASUS C101PA Chromebook · Categories: Computing

As my interest in the ARM architecture is growing, I decided to buy myself a toy to play with, based on one of those big.LITTLE asymmetric multicore 64-bit ARM processors, and see how they perform. I settled on the ASUS C101PA Chromebook after a friend successfully installed a Linux distribution on it.

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04. September 2017 · Comments Off on How bad can an ISP be ? · Categories: Computing

I used to be an OVH DSL user. The service was very good. The only thing that could have been improved was the Technicolor router, which is clearly sub-par compared to the quality normally associated with OVH services, but as long as you stick to the default configuration, it would run fine. More »

05. March 2017 · Comments Off on Hey, real time ! · Categories: Computing, X15

Among the goals of the X15 operating system is real time. This expression is undoubtedly one of the vaguest buzzwords out there in the computer industry, which means I can’t really say anything about it without first attempting to provide a decent definition. More »