X15 – Progress report – 2019Q1-2

The project is still mostly stalled, unfortunately. But a couple of things were achieved :

  • Simon Venken reported a bug on semaphores, which were reworked.
  • Simon Venken also reported a bug concerning the chaining of wake-ups in sleep queues, which was fixed.
  • the kern/mbuf module, providing message ring buffers, was added.
  • the kern/log module was reworked to use a message ring buffer, and a bug on the log buffer being full was fixed.

X15 – Progress report – 2018Q3-4

As a result of personal events, the project has been mostly stalled these last six months. However a few changes were made, the most important being :

  • Interrupt handling rework on x86, with the merging of the trap module into the cpu module.
  • Red zone support on x86 (amd64), which is required for full ABI compliance.
  • Suspend/resume thread operations, similar to SIGSTOP/SIGCONT on Unix.

Automated X15 builds – take 2

Well, Buildbot didn’t turn out well. Quality is too low for my taste, so I decided to switch to another one, namely Jenkins. And for now, despite not being very fond of Java applications, I’m quite satisfied. It supports the basic features I was looking for (automatic building, decent configuration power, a nice web interface, users and rights management, IRC notifications), but I was also surprised by multi-configuration builds, which fit perfectly with my needs.

Automated X15 builds

Despite being small, X15 already supports quite a few configurations, such as i386 (32-bits x86, with or without PAE), amd64 (also known as x86_64) and a bunch of test modules. It’s very likely to support more in the future, so I decided to take some time and try Buildbot, a continuous integration framework, to automate builds with varying options. A link to the web interface is now in the main menu bar of the web site.