Before starting development of a new kernel (see X15), I wrote a few of the modules in userspace in order to make sure they were bug-free and efficient. They also turned out to be pretty useful at work, so they got BSD-licensed. This library is not meant to be linked against. Instead, it acts as a repository of loosely related modules that can be copied and reused individually.

Source code :

List of modules :

  • list (doubly linked lists)
  • plist (priority-sorted linked lists)
  • bitmap (arbitrary-length bit arrays)
  • avltree (AVL trees)
  • rbtree (red-black trees)
  • rdxtree (radix trees)
  • hash (integer and string finalizers)
  • macros
  • shell (minimalist shell for microcontrollers and OS kernels)
  • cbuf (circular character buffer)